YouTube Shorts

Creative Agency: Interesting Development
Our Role: Motion Graphics and Video Editing


YouTube needed a way to introduce its newest feature, Shorts, which is a feature on the platform that allows users to create and watch short-form vertical videos. It was introduced by YouTube as a response to the popularity of short-form video content on platforms like TikTok.


The creation of captivating marketing videos for the global launch campaign of YouTube Shorts. Our focus was on leveraging the immense popularity of existing YouTube content, including music artists, viral creators, memes, and other engaging elements.

We aimed to pique user interest in the platform by showcasing the potential of YouTube Shorts as a tool for users to transform their favorite YouTube content into compelling short-form videos.

Our videos were meticulously crafted to exude a polished and visually appealing style, ensuring maximum impact and resonance with the target audience. By highlighting the creative possibilities and accessibility of YouTube Shorts, our campaign sought to inspire users to engage with the platform and unleash their own creativity.