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brand launch


Brand and launch an emerging disruptor to the eyewear industry.


Create a refreshing brand, design an easy to navigate website, and produce content that excites our target audience - optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians.

Eyelo is a brand near and dear to our hearts. Not only did we name Eyelo (derived from ‘Eye Love’) but we helped establish the branding, designed the website, and created and produced all content for the website and subsequent launch.

Aside from the initial branding, the website was most important for Eyelo. As a distributor of many brands, the website had to have a clean, professional look while remaining easy to use and approachable.

“The optometrist’s best friend”

Eyelo aims to be the optometrist’s best friend, and data shows that the newest class of eye professionals are predominantly younger females, so it was important for the content to feel like it had some life to it, as opposed to the stuffy and generic content we’ve seen before.