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launch campaign


Bond had to show consumers that their security service is more than a new piece of tech—it’s a service you can rely on to ensure your safety, no matter the situation.


In a video collection of case-by-case narratives, we showed how Bond’s intimate experiences with users elevate personal security to a new level.

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We knew that Bond needed to show how its services extended beyond an app, and that real people are ready to help 24/7.

Through compassionate storytelling, we showed how professionals power the service and how everyday people turn to Bond for any situation.

With each user’s journey, we illustrated how dedicated Bond’s Personal Security Agents are to everyone’s safety, and the unique situations that compel people to turn to Bond in the first place.

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DEMOCRATIZING personal security

With Bond, personal security doesn’t require an expensive bodyguard—with an accessible app and dedicated agents, anyone can feel safe. To communicate that, we produced everything in house, from visual effects in post to photography that highlighted Bond’s intimate guidance.

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